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Water Damage Remediation Services

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Full-Service Water Damage Restoration 

Our certified, full-service water damage restoration experts are trained to handle all aspects of your emergency. Whether you’re experiencing  intruding water from rain, storms or ice dams, ruptured pipes, leaking appliances, or sewer damage, Perfection’s Restoration teams are prepared for every step.

First, we evaluate the damage and develop a plan to thoroughly dry, clean and repair your property quickly to minimize further damage. 

Some of the key steps to restoration include:

  • Quick and complete WATER EXTRACTION




  • Effective damage MITIGATION & REMEDIATION strategies


  • Quality RECONSTRUCTION for complete RESTORATION of your property


When you have intruding water, rapid clean up and remediation of damage are vital to preventing the initiation and spread of mold spores. Under the certain conditions, mold can take hold in just a few hours so don’t wait for problems to spread. 


Avoid health dangers, increased property damage, and more costly repairs by calling Perfection today. We will restore your home or office with as little disruption to you life as possible so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Contact us today if you need disaster recovery services in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. We are standing by to assist you.


Call Perfection at 208-676-9336. 

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